Mule runtime engine version 4.x Anypoint Studio version 7.x

Thru MFT connector is an operation-based connector, meaning you need to configure a specific operation for the connector to perform if you add the connector to a flow in a Mule application.

The connector supports the following list of operations:

File Pickup: Download (pickup) a file from a linked Thru MFT Flow/Transport and pass to Mule flow. This is used for mid Flow pickups.

File Pickup Source: Thru MFT is waiting to Download (pickup) a file and pass to Mule flow.

FileDropoff: Upload (Drop-off) a file from a Mule flow to a linked Flow/Transport in Thru MFT.

A file is uploaded in chunks and size is not limited. File payload, Name, and Size should be provided in the message.

If the outgoing file is a result of the processing of an incoming file (e.g. exceptions in the data), the file code of the original file should be provided.

Flow Outcome: Passes render the status of the flow to Thru MFT service, where it can be viewed in dashboards by the administrators.

Mule flow result: 1-passed, 2-failed, 3-mixed.

Simple Flow Outcome:

Note : No longer required in Thru MFT V2

FileMetadata: The API call returns various metadata about Transport, Organization, and File which participate in file transfer.