Mule runtime engine version 4.x Anypoint Studio version 7.x

Thru MFT connector is an operation-based connector, meaning you need to configure a specific operation for the connector to perform if you add the connector to a flow in a Mule application.

The connector supports the following list of operations:

File Pickup: Download (pickup) a file from a linked Thru MFT Transport and pass to Mule flow.

Polling is used and polling frequency can be set. A Streaming method is used, with no limits on file size.

FileDropoff: Upload (Drop-off) a file from a Mule flow to a linked Transport in Thru MFT.

A file is uploaded by chunks and size is not limited. File payload, Name, and Size should be provided in the message.

If the outgoing file is a result of the processing of an incoming file (e.g. exceptions in the data), the file code of the original file should be provided.

Flow Outcome: Passes render the status of the flow to Thru MFT service, where it can be viewed in dashboards by the administrators.

Mule flow result: 1-passed, 2-failed, 3-mixed.

Mixed cases may happen in batch processing when some records generate exceptions.

In the case of batch processing, the flow Outcome may optionally return notes on the flow outcome, ID of Mule message, counters of total, and Failed records.

Simple Flow Outcome:

Batch Flow Outcome:

Batch Exception Handler: This API can return exception information from batch processing.

Information can include exception messages and records which caused exceptions.

The composition of returned information is defined by the Mule flow developer.

Information is passed to Thru MFT transport linked to the Mule flow, is stored in Thru MFT metadata database, and available for review in dashboards by administrators.

The size of the returned exception metadata is limited to 10MB per call.

In the event records which failed processing should be passed back to the Organization that sent the data, best practice is to provide limited exception information in this call and fill list of exception records in the exception file for File DropOff call.

FileMetadata: The API call returns various metadata about Transport, Organization, and File which participate in file transfer.